My College Life

英语0503 姚瑶
Dear Becky :   I want to tell you that I’m really satisfied with my life in college. As you know ,I’m a sophomore ,and there will be more challenges in the future.   In the past year ,I found that everything was fine in my college .The rules in college are much different from the middle school .It is not permitted for us to live out of dormitory during the weekdays ,unless our teacher gives permission.   The environment of our campus in general is good ,and it’s also convenient .There are school cafeterias ,shops ,school hospital and so on. The teachers in our college are all very good ,they pay much attention to all of us . They are open to all students .   Being a student in English major ,I expect to speak English with all our English teachers ,and whichever course they teach ,they encourage us to speak English as much as possible .They encourage us to join the free discussion session following our topics.   Well ,I miss you and look forward to receive from you soon. Yours