The Rising Of Modern College

英语050301班 赵一静
  在历史的今天 In the history of today   在世界的东方 In the orient of the world   在东方的这块帝都胜土之上 In the holy place of the empiral land   齐乐娱乐现代学院如一位洒脱的智者 The Modern College of NWU is like a wise man   踏着百年名校的厚重 Steping confidently   从容地款款走来 with the rich history of the hundred-lasted University       韶光初绽的清晨 Early in the morning, in the first glimmer of dawn   昂扬激越的校歌 Our passionatell school song   与院长对我们的一种认真态度的期望 Together with the care and expectation of our
  和着后生们铿锵清新的嗓音 And the sonorous voice of us   交织成一曲和谐的乐章 combined into a harmony musical composition       红烛摇长夜 旭日启东方 red candle accompanies the whole night and the day
follows the rising sun in the eastern sky
  我们的青春将在这里——西大现代 Though it may only in a short time   哪怕只是一刹那 Our youthful life would stay here——the Modern College   也要在这里铸成 And would let our   青春的热烈 汗水的甜蜜 Vigorous youthful life goes with the sweat streaming down,       黄昏的夕阳散落在这欢腾的操场上 the setting sun also sprinkles its twilight onto
our stadium,
  霓虹在夜色中消融、退却 Later the light gone with its disturbing   没有外面世界的喧哗与纷扰 Left only   只剩下年轻求知的心 Our young heart thirsty for knowledge!   教学楼里的自习室 You can see the classrooms   早已是一片光明、肃静 Are already brighting with the lights       或许“现代”的学子们求学修业各有不同 The Modern students may in the
different pursueits of life
  但他们的思想与情感却相通 But our thinking and affection the similar   我们感念老师们的 We do appreciate our dear teachers   传之以道 授之以术 For they not only teach the truth and the knowledge   启之以智 倾之以情 But also show us their wit and love       西大现代像校花紫香槐般不俗不媚 The Modern College is just like our school
flower——Chinese scholar free which is
neither vulgar nor obsequious
  用音乐、美学、哲学、历史 It provides us the land of knowledge such as music, arts,
philosophy and history ,
      为我们在坚实的专业知识上 So that we can arm as with skills inside   奠基起另一种高度的文化底蕴 Based on our professional knowledge,       它将师情和传统一脉相承 It also combines our love for the school and the tradition
  为我们喊出 Then shouts out,we would   没有亲情我是无根浮萍 Be duckweeds without family love   没有师情我会浑噩混沌 Feel like live in chaos without our love for teachers   没有友情我成孤家寡人 Be lonely without the friendship   没有校情我将颟顸而行 Act like blank without our love for Modern College!       当同学们怀着炽热的心 When we students plant those Chinese scholar trees   用年轻的手将一棵棵挺拔的紫香槐 Under the soil of Musical Square and
在音乐广场与文化山边栽下 Knowledge Hill With our warm hearts
  它们的根将深深地扎进这沃壤之中 Surely the trees would grow well with deep roots   待新枝轻抽 And let their new green leaves   让绿叶尽吐 Appear in the tree—trunk       西大现代的桃李将扎根在它芬芳的桃园校区 We students would stay in this beautiful
  让求学的赤子在这里 And try to realize our dream   圆着昨日的梦 谱着明天的曲 Compose the tomorrow song       在这沸腾的五月 In the exciting May   学子们身姿激奋、沸腾 We students feel proud and enthusiastic   与走过一年的西大现代同呼吸共命运 To breath with our Modern College   在这前进的步伐中 In the way stepping   我们应欢欣,歌喉都在颤抖! We are happy and even our singing voice vibrating!   遥望未来有道不尽的激动! There are countless excitements when we look at the
      我们将校训 So we put our school motto   公诚 勤朴 仁虔 雅健 ——Honesty, Diligence, Modesty, Health   与自豪溶入每一滴滚烫的血液! into our boiling blood!       巍巍我校 地久天长! Long live our lofty Modern College!   我们将为您千次歌唱,声音也不会衰老! We would sing for you hundreds of
times and the voice would not low!
  我们将为您万次挥笔,激情永恒! We would write for you thousands of times
and our passion would last forever!