My view on opportunity

英语0504班 戴飞
  When talks about opportunity, people have different views on it. Some think that opportunities are so rare that only the luckiest people can get them, and others argue that everyone has opportunity at one time or another in his or her life. As far as I’m concerned, I agree with the latter. It is true that there’re opportunities everywhere for everybody. For example, Lincoln, mark twain and Thomas Edison achieved great success although they had very little schooling. What they had in common was that they kept on working hard and at last opportunities favored them. Thus they became president, writer and inventor respectively .   There’re many opportunities in our life, whether you can or how to seize these opportunities , it seems to be the key influence on our success. The only way to success is working hard and persevering.   As a student, you can get to the top through your hard work; as a businessman, you can make a profit through your accurate calculation. In my opinion, opportunities favor only those who keep trying and who are ready for it. As the saying goes“God help those who help themselves”, so no matter whether there’s opportunity or not, what we should do is to learn, to study and become learned people. Only in this way can you seize your opportunity when it occurs.   Let’s remember the saying “Success belongs to the persevering”, grasp every opportunity and seize every success.