My First Job in the Library

英语0504班 治娜
  Last Thursday, I worked in the library with my classmates. Before that, I had always thought that working in the library was an easy task, for it didn’t require much labour. But after I worked there for two hours, I changed my mind completely.   Our job was to clean the shelves with a cloth and lay the books in a line, in order that students could get books conveniently. At the beginning, I was very happy, for I thought that I would finish doing it very quickly, A few minutes later, I began to feel tired, but I insisted on. After we finished the job in about two hours, we were all exhausted.   This was the first job in the library. I have really realized that the teachers are working very hard. At work, I found some books put aside; it must have been some students that put them in the wrong place. So everybody, we should respect others if we want to be respected by others. When in the library, we should follow the rules. On no account, can we put the books anywhere you want. We can not emphasize the importance of respecting other people’s hard work.