The Way To Achieve Success

英语0501班 党歌
  Many people say that they owe much of their success to the cultivation of certain good habits in their early life. In forming good habits and achieving success we should focus on four points, that is, honesty, industry, enthusiasm and thrift.   “Honesty is the best policy.” This is a proverb to which we must pay attention. There are so many temptations in the society that with a little carelessness we may go astray. But as long as we are honest to others they will be honest to as in return..   Industry gives everyone, no matter you’re a man or woman, a boy or a girl, proper work to do. Wasting time doing nothing is to ruin oneself.   Enthusiasm is a great force. One’s soul will expand if one devotes oneself to a noble cause. We met although there are tremendous difficulties before head, we can leave nothing unaccomplished with enthusiasm.   There are many proverbs which set forth the advantages of thrift. Since we live in the world where “money is a very powerful thing”, we should always try to save a portion of our earnings for future.   These are the four keys to which we must pay attention. It is only through this way that we can achieve success.       译文:许多人都说他们的成功归因于在早年就养成了良好的习惯。依我看,要养成良好的习惯,我们必须注意四点,那就是诚实、勤勉、热心和节俭。   “诚实为最上策”。这是一句我们必须专心记住的谚语。人在社会中会面临种种诱惑,如果我们稍有不慎,就会走上歧途。但是,只要我们诚实,别人就不会对我们不诚实。   勤勉能使每个男人和女人,每个男孩和女孩都得到适当的工作做。什么事也不做会使自己毁灭。   热心是一个很大的动力。假使一个人专心从事一件高尚的事业,他的心胸就会开阔。我们前进的道路上困难重重,但是如果我们有热心,有什么事不能完成呢?   有许多格言都是陈述节俭的好处的。我们既然生在这“金钱万能”的世界,我们必须经常积攒下一部分钱作为将来的用途。   这是我们必须注意到的四要点。只有照着这种方法去做,我们才能找到成功之路。