Leaving Scene

英语0404班 朱忠艳
  A suitcase was full of clothes. A bag was full of books and eating things. All the friends came to see me off. The car was waiting outside. My favorite pet was in silence. Everything looked deadly. I touched everything that I was familiar with my chair, desk, my lovely pet, my clean bed, even my small bowl and spoon. Facing that I can do nothing but say goodbye with rolling tears.   It was the first time I had left my home and traveled such a long way to xi’an to study.   I was afraid of the crowded train, the long journey and the strange people. From that time on, I had to do everything on my own, As thinking, my tears rotated in my eyes.   The moment that I got on the bus, I dare not look back. There were so many hands waving, so marry eyes staring, so marry sweat words. All the things in my mind were in a mass. I only felt as if I got a fever. A warm stream run through my body.   It was an exciting moment. I’ll never forget it.